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We offer Self Defense and Jiu Jitsu under the same roof, but our quality remains top-tier.

Here at Absolute Self Defense Academy, our staff is the secret to our student success. We are proud to have a team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping our students grow. Each instructor has a rich background in the Jiu Jitsu industry and is eager to train the next generation of martial artists. Meet the team below!

2nd Degree Black Belt
Owner & Head Kid's Instructor
Black Belt
Adult's Head Instructor
Black Belt
Assistant Coach
Assistant Ladies Coach

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Absolute Self Defense Academy

Professor Joel Blanton

2nd Degree Black Belt

My coach is James Clingerman who owns and operates the Indiana Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Greenwood, Indiana. Due to my location, I train primarily here in town at the Impact Zone, an Atos affiliate owned and operated by Carlos Soto. I started training for MMA in November of 2001 and put on a gi for the first time about a year or a year and a half later.

It was very humbling. I think everyone that ties his belt up for the first time has the potential.

Whether the desire is there or not is another question. First, you will sacrifice. Time, money, wear and tear on your body, it all weighs into As much as I hate to be cliche, you really can’t cheat the grind. Stay consistent, work hard, and ask questions.

I learn from everybody, upper and lower belts alike.

Take privates and ask more questions. Your coach is there for a reason. Use him or her. Cross train. Know when to take time off when you’re physically hurting, and remember it’s not always about training hard. Train smart too! Professor Joel is our 2 degree black belt affiliation. He is a 5x ibjjf masters 3 No gi world champion, Ibjjf masters gi world champion and 7x Pans American Masters 3 No-gi champion.

Absolute Self Defense Academy

Coach Britt

Owner & Head Kid’s Instructor Black Belt

Having just moved from Hawaii where I was born and raised, I’ve started my Jiu Jitsu career at age 18 (2008).

I began my coaching career as a kid’s assistant instructor at white belt 2nd degree (1 year later) I married my husband (Coach Teddy) and joined the Airforce for 4 years and continued my training on the East coast.

After returning home, I was given the academy from my dad, Jim in 2015.

Both I and Teddy have continued to grow our business with love and compassion. I’ve received my Black belt from Professor Joel Blanton in June 2022 and never looked back.

Absolute Self Defense Academy

Teddy Emberton

Adult’s Head Instructor Black Belt

Since I trained in wrestling during high school and had a natural talent for grappling and combat sports.

I really enjoy weight lifting and strongman training. Having injured my back over time and having multiple spine fusions at a young age, I needed an outlet to stay in shape.

My wife (Coach Britt) introduced me to Jiu Jitsu which helped not only with weight management but my flexibility and strength.

I began competing as a white belt and am still active in competitions to include IBJJF and PANS. I also received my black belt in June of 2022. Currently I am the head instructor for the teens and Adult evening classes.

Absolute Self Defense Academy



Hello, I’m Alexis, serving as the Absolute Secretary for about three years now.

Alongside my role here, I also teach middle school, which has helped me earn my ESL and bilingual certifications. I’m particularly fond of the camaraderie at the academy. Witnessing students inspire each other to achieve greater heights is truly rewarding.

Additionally, the readiness to assist each other in overcoming challenges ensures there’s always support available.

The academy’s family-like atmosphere, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for everyone, is something I deeply value. Another aspect of the academy that I find enjoyable is the dedication of the instructional staff. The instructors are highly committed to their students’ education. They go above and beyond to assist, ensuring their students achieve success in the best possible manner

Absolute Self Defense Academy


Assistant Coach

Hello, my name is Marcos Mendoza I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 4 years and have competed in over ten competitions leading up to my purple belt in the sport.

I started training as a Taekwondo student for over 4 years. Putting me as second degree black and eventually found myself training as a No Gi grappler. Other martial arts like Kickboxing, Boxing, Escrima, and Muay Thai are sports I have trained over the course of my career.

I have also spent time as a Taekwondo instructor before my transition to grappling and am now a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor certified under Absolute Self Defense Academy head coach Britt Emberton.

One of my best beliefs as a coach is that each student has potential to succeed in life. As I’ve grown in martial arts, I found a love for teaching students and that love drove me to pursue a career as a teacher.

I spent five years in college for an associate degree in education and then spent three years getting a bachelor’s degree in history.

After my graduation I dedicated time to training and furthering my education. Being at ASDA has strengthened my resolve as an instructor thanks to the warm environment and its strong educational system for grappling. In the school we have a strong focus on technique that fits everyone

Absolute Self Defense Academy


Assistant Ladies Coach

My husband and I share a love for martial arts.

When it came time for my son to start his journey, my husband found the Absolute Self-defense Academy. My son started attending then my husband began classes, before you know it I was on the mat too.

The academy has been a great family friendly environment which has kept us coming back all these years (2019-present).

I began helping on the mat to repay the great experience we have had to our new extended gym family. I have been able to become a certified instructor and my goal as a coach has been to share the love of the art while building relationships with the students. My journey has taken me from mom in the seats to purple belt on the mats…it’s not over yet but I am looking forward to what’s to come!

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We Defy

The We Defy Foundation’s mission is to provide combat veterans coping with military connected disabilities a long term means to overcome their challenges through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and fitness training. Absolute Self Defense Academy is honored to serve as a Training Facility for the We Defy Foundation.

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5 Star was able to recruit some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. And it continues to be our in-store associates who make 5 Star the premier retailer in the industry.

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Mission 22

Mission 22 is a national community supporting active service members, Veterans, and their family members, through three areas of focus:

Support and Treatment Programs

For active service members, Veterans, and their family members, addressing Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, suicide risk and other challenges.

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Through this largely volunteer effort, we continue to make a national impact, and our community is growing every day. We are proud to lead this mission supporting our military, Veterans, and their families.

Absolute Self Defense Academy

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Absolute Self Defense Academy is the prime spot for family martial arts and family self-defense. We cater to all goals, ages, and skill levels to build a foundation for self-defense. We invite nearby communities including Harker Heights, Killeen, Kempner & Lampasas to join our BJJ classes in Copperas Cove. We’re located in the Copperas Cove Town Square Plaza across the street from Giovanni’s!